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Benefits For: June 8th, 2023

Benefit Details: Financial Aid

Benefit Name: Degree Snap

The Accredited Education Program provides help with education and financial aid options. This Benefit provides you an opportunity to speak with a representative to find out what financial aid options that you may qualify for.

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Benefit Details: Auto Insurance Program

Benefit Name: 75% Off Auto Insurance

This Auto Insurance Savings Program provides you with opportunities to save money. They work with the top insurance companies across the nation. No matter what type of car you drive, they will help you save hundreds of dollars per year. The form only takes about a minute to fill out and connects you directly with insurance companies and insurance agents.

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Benefit Details: Financial Help

Benefit Name: Emergency Cash Help

Lending for Bad Credit is designed to help get you through the rough times. No waiting, no hassle and no embarrassing checks required. Simply Fill out their risk-free application and receive your personalized loan offer instantly. This service is FREE and will NOT affect your credit score.

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Benefit Details: Financial Assistance

Benefit Name: Financial Resources

These times are scary and are causing anxiety to a lot of Americans and their families. The Benefit is provided by Resources 4 Me and gives you access to U.S. government resources and many private organizations that offer Free Grant Money to help families who are facing hardships.

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Benefit Details: Personal Injury Claim

Benefit Name: Free Legal Assistance

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident of any kind there could be support and financial compensation owed to you. This benefit allows you to get a Free Claim Review of your case and see what type of Financial Compensation you could receive. Access today to submit your claim.

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Benefit Details: Billions in Assistance Granted to Families in Need

Benefit Name: Financial Assistance

Find your state benefit and assistance program information here. Get the Assistance needed for your family immediately. Assistance programs for Low Income Housing, Medical Assistance, Food stamps, Education Opportunities, Job Openings, and more. Billions in assistance are being granted – Get Your Share Today!

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Benefit Details: See How Much Money You Can Find

Benefit Name: Unclaimed Asset Search

Unclaimed cash is money, funds or other assets that a rightful owner has not claimed after a designated period of time. Money owed to individuals for items such as insurance payments or refunds, certificates of deposit or customer overpayment are required by law to be turned over to the state if the individual who is owed can not be contacted or has no activity. The money does not disappear. Each state must keep a record of it so that the owed individuals have the opportunity to claim it. There is currently over 40 billion dollars in unclaimed cash and assets in the United States.

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Benefit Details: Government Will Pay Part of Your Mortgage Off

Benefit Name: Mortgage Relief Guide

Recent Federal stimulus move could benefit millions of homeowners with a mortgage. See if you qualify! Mortgage Relief Guide can save people up to $3,252 off their mortgage payments.

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Benefit Details: Your Group One Platinum Freedom Card is Waiting

Benefit Name: Group One Freedom Card

The Group One Platinum Card is your ticket to a $750 credit line, even if you have less than perfect credit! Group One does not check your credit report. All are eligible!

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Benefit Details: Federal Financial Assistance Program

Benefit Name: American Disability Claims

If you have an injury or illness that prevents you from working a full-time job, you could receive up to $2000 per month in financial assistance from the Federal Government. Lots of different types of injuries and illnesses qualify such as Physical Disability, Illness, Hearing Loss, and cancer, and more. Don't pass up on the benefits you are entitled to receive. See if you qualify now.

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Benefit Details: Auto Financing Regardless of Your Credit

Benefit Name: Auto Finance Access

This benefit provides families that are need of auto financing that may have experienced some financial or hardship issues. This benefit allows you to get financing from zero down and pick from 100’s of cars and obtain a low monthly payment you and your family can afford.

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Benefit Details: Section 8 Housing Benefits

Benefit Name: Section 8 Assistance

Online resources are now available to assist you in applying quickly and easily for housing assistance. Get your benefits today!

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Benefit Details: Get Food Stamp Assistance

Benefit Name: Food Stamp Assistance

Providing your family with healthy food is a top priority, and the food stamp program can make that possible. Get Informed on your eligibility, the submission process, and learn how to get food stamp benefits through your EBT card.

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Benefit Details: Social Security Program

Benefit Name: Social Security Disability

This Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits Application, Denial, & Appeals Help. Utilizing a Social Security Disability attorney or advocate may improve your chances of initial approval, get your approval processed more quickly and, in many cases, increase the amount of benefits you are awarded. There are no upfront expenses to you for the evaluation, filing or appeal process.

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Benefit Details: Get FREE Product Samples!

Benefit Name: Free Samples Pro USA

Try products from your favorite brands for FREE!

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Benefit Details: Emergency Cash Loan

Benefit Name: Bad Credit Loan

The Benefit is provided by Bad Credit Loans. At Bad Credit Loans, they understand that there are emergencies no one can plan for, and they aren’t limited to helping only consumers with perfect credit. Sometimes a run of bad luck comes up through no fault of your own. Get help today.

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Benefit Details: Low Income Housing

Benefit Name: Affordable Housing Plan

The Benefit is provided by Low Income Housing. Due to recent events and high demand for housing assistance programs, we have now released this Housing Benefit to help aid the housing crisis we, as Americans are facing. Find low Income Housing solutions, and learn more about the billions of dollars that are granted each year by the US Government.

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Benefit Details: Get Paid For Your Idea

Benefit Name: A Better Way to Invent

This program is designed for the Thinking Individuals that have an idea that they feel could be the next big thing. The Program has been helping “Idea People” for over 25 years. Get free information to help get your idea started.

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Benefit Details: Class Action Claim Help

Benefit Name: Free Legal Assistance

You may be entitled to Financial Compensation and were unaware. This Benefit provides Free legal assistance for you and your loved ones. There are several Time Sensitive Lawsuits filled for compensation to individuals. Access this Benefit and see if you or your family is owed Financial Compensation.

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Benefit Details: Find Rent to Own Listings in Your Area

Benefit Name: Get Into the Home Of Your Dreams

Find Rent to Own Listings within a few miles of your desired zip code in the largest database that is updated daily. You can access full property data and details on each home and its surrounding neighborhood. Get notified when a property that you’ve specified becomes available to rent to own. Get the Opportunity of homeownership instead of continuing to rent.

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Benefit Details: Financial Resources for You

Benefit Name: Get Awarded Financial Assistance

The benefit provides the best financial assistance for you. Get your piece of billions of dollars in assistance awarded each year. Access free Assistance Resources, Personal Loan Assistance, Debt Assistance, Free Credit Report and Education Funding. Access Assistance Today.

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Benefit Details: Free Cell Phone

Benefit Name: Federal Phone Plan

The Benefit is provided by Lifeline Assistance Program. Check your eligibility for a free cell phone. This federal program is designed to ensure that quality phone services are available to low-income customers. Qualify for the Lifeline Assistance Program today.

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Benefit Details: Your opinion counts! Get paid up to $525!

Benefit Name: Super Surveys

Simply take online surveys to answer questions about your opinion on a variety of topics. Sign up for Free and Register to gain access to top paying surveys.

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Benefit Details: Found Money Guide

Benefit Name: Search for Cash

This Found Money Guide program is designed to allow you to search for Billions of dollars. That's the amount of unclaimed money in the United States waiting to be given back to the rightful owners. The money includes forgotten apartment security deposits, uncashed overtime checks and lost insurance refunds, and it's sitting there, waiting for you.

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Benefit Details: Compare Auto Insurance Rates

Benefit Name: Automobile Insurance Finder

This Benefit from Automobile Insurance Finder gives you fast and cheap car insurance rates all in one place. The law requires all drivers must be insured. Enter Your zip code and find the best rates near you. Compare car insurance quotes and save money getting the coverage you need.

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